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Default Re: Live-Action Avengers being planned

Originally Posted by CaptainStacy
But still fun to speculate about!

It's close. The Hulk is already established, and Iron Man & Ant-Man are on the way....

All we need now is Thor. (Captain America wasnt a founding member)...
Considering it's unlikely that Wasp is getting her own film, it would be best if she's introduced in the Ant-Man film. The classic way. Like her first appearance in Tales to Astonish #44. Have her father Dr. Vernon van Dyne be in the film as well. With of course, Hank Pym as his associate, and Pym eventually creates the "Pym particles".

Now there's two options. Wasp being in the film as his love interest, but not being exposed to the particles. Or Janet being in the film, AND setting her up as Wasp.

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