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Default Re: The Official Jude Law/General Zod Thread

Originally Posted by Bale
ZOD is a great villain. Superman 2 was a great action packed movie.

Terence was a real evil ZOD. Great actor. But Singer wake up, we dont need a ZOD again, nor Luthor,Teschmacher,Otis and all the other stuff.

Donner is Donner, dont copy him.

Jude Law is a great actor, but Id like 2 know why Singer chooses him ? Why ? beacuse of Singers "orientation" ? Routh,Law ....hmmm

Donners Zod was an angry,hard man; not looking like a beau Alfie.

Cmon damn dont do this, please.

Do this and something new innovative like Metallo,Darkseid,Doomsday,Parasite,Brainiac.

Terence Stamp an "angry, hard man"? Maybe as General Zod, but Stamp has also played plenty of dandyesque characters, not to mention his role as an aging drag queen in the classic "Pricsilla, Queen of the Desert" (which also starred other 'tough-guy' actors like Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce as transvestite Abba imitators).

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