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Default Re: The Official Jude Law/General Zod Thread

Well, It's offical. Singer doesn't have an original bone in his frail little body. I completely believe this rumor or whatever it is cause singer always manages to screw up something in all of his films. Like making rogue a young mousy girl, instead of the confident sultry southern belle she was supposed to be. Singer will quite readily alter/reimagine anything he desires just to fit something within the scope of his STUPID stories. He doesn't care that making superman a father out of wedlock is something he would never do. He doesn't care that Lex Luthor is too smart a villain to be so obsessed with Land. He doesn't care that Lois Lane is a much older wiser and snappier woman than Kate Bosworth is able to portray. An he certainly doesn't care that his kegger pals Dougherty and Whoever don't have the writing cred to justify them writing a flick for the hero of millions.

No my friends...Singer doesn't give a flying F*** about anything you're saying. Why? Cause regardless of how much crap he delivers, regardless of how many rehashed, reused, recycled ideas he throws at us. He's still going to get paid upwards of 10 million for his crappy services.

The best thing we as an audience can do is show our dissapproval is by not buying the SR DVD or going to see the Sequel. Fanboys are gonna see it anyway mind you, but until you send a LOUD and CLEAR message that you don't want ridiculous plot and horrendous alterations of the characters you love. You're going to KEEP getting Singer's own special brand of Bulls***.

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