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Default Re: The Official Jude Law/General Zod Thread

Originally Posted by Garzo
This does not have to mean bad news for the sequel. Zod's an awsome character and there's a lot you can do with him. Singer is making a film here, not a comic book -- that's a big difference that a lot of comic book fans need to understand when looking at his movies.

As a filmmaker, he obviously wants actors, and good actors at that, in the main roles rather than computer animated hulking aliens.

For all intents and purposes, Zod can play the "part" of a Darkseid-like character. Zod does not have a "real" set history in the Superman mythos and therefore he lends himself to imaginitive new reincarnations.

The red-sun treatment he suffered in "Superman II" can turn out to have been only temporary (as well it should be) and he could have regained his powers and fled into space and set himself up as the ruler of some distant planet somewhere, still intent on conquering Earth and destroying Superman.

For most filmgoers who appreciate this cinematic version of Superman, seeing Jude Law or another talented actor in the role would be more interesting than a CGI Darkseid or an Inspector Gadget-like Braniac -- sheesh, a villain named "Braniac" would only attract little kids and make the sequel laughable (with all due respect to Braniac).
So lets just rehash Superman II, hooray. Who needs an original storyline.

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