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Default Re: Zak Penn. Can he be trusted to write Avengers movie?

I really can't judge Penn too harshly for FF and X3 as their entire productions were pretty much screwed from the get go. However, he obviously hasn't done anything too impressive either, and because of that I'm sorta worried. Given it's probable size, Marvel really can't afford to mess up an Avengers movie, and I would've hoped they'd had gotten a big bigger, better name to write the script.
Originally Posted by Kable24
I think he'll do fine writing the Incredible Hulk, but I don't think he has the chops to write the Avengers. I wouldn't mind David Hayter taking a swing at it or if they go with more of an Ultimates type Avengers Mark Millar writing it with Hayter or someone with comic book roots doing the screenplay.
Damn, do I wish they'd just make an Ultimates movie. The comic's just so utterly cinematically, they'd barely even need a script to begin with.

And now I'll wait for the flood of replies telling me the Ultimates suck...

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