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Default Re: Zak Penn. Can he be trusted to write Avengers movie?

Originally Posted by PWN3R RANGER
Totaly agree. The first 12 issues are basically a script begging to happen. The Ultimates are so widescreen/cinematic.
Seriously, if they could do Captain America first (set in WWII), end it with his "death" Avengers up with a cured Banner, Iron Man, Thor and (the Ultimates plus Hawkeye and Black Widow)...then they could pretty much do the story word for word with one scene added to explain the pressence of the characters.

Also I'd keep the scene where they speculate over who should play whom in a movie. Except this time have them suggesting themselves for their own parts. However when they get to Hawkeye the guy they name (who would be playing him) to play him Hawkeye would respond "nah man that guy is a jacka$$" or something.

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