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Default Re: Zak Penn. Can he be trusted to write Avengers movie?

Originally Posted by Darthphere
I like how you throw out this abritrary percentage. Theres no way of you knowing that.
If you absorb information. Then you can. Could be more for all I know. But I was being generous. I also like how there really is no argument.

I will admit I liked X-3, I blatantly see how people can dislike it so much though. Kinberg is a pretty meh writer though, I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Smith yet though and I've heard good things. Remember Penn fighting Fox the whole time even get DP in the story. And even he has many reservations about the final film. Yet as a writer Penn is pretty good. Even if you ever read his Last Action Hero script(the original). So no I see no argument beyond "X-3 sucked so Penn sucks" yeah and MArio Puzo wrote a pretty camped up 60's batman show Superman script that had to be heavily rewritten. So I don't ****ing care.

I guess I can get past fanboyish feelings.

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