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Default Re: Zak Penn. Can he be trusted to write Avengers movie?

Originally Posted by CConn
Superman Returns isn't everyone's cup of tea. Hell, Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins aren't everyone's cup of tea.

It's just with the Ultimates, you have the whole movie right there. I mean, it's just laid out perfectly, to rip that apart, to edit that in any large fashion, you would lose really one of the best things about the book, and personally I would just take a regular Avengers movie if that were the case. God knows most movie adaptations are already halfway to being the same as Ultimate versions already.

All IMHO, of course.
But I don't want an America Is Always Evil the Movie.

I don't want a dickwad Captain America. Although I would like to see a liberal Captain America. And by liberal, I mean liberal for 1945

I don't want a traitorous Black Widow

I don't want General Nick Fury: Agent of SHAFT

I want Thor to be a definite god, not a person who might or might not be a god

I don't want a mutant Wasp

I don't want a man-eating Hulk

Having it fully based on the Ultimates is not the way to go. There are so many interpretations of the Avengers. It would be best to take the best of those interpretations and blend them together. Take the Ultimates cinematic storytelling and hell even base the story very loosely off it. Take the characters of the 616 universe

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