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Talking Re: Zak Penn. Can he be trusted to write Avengers movie?

Originally Posted by Ironman24
I'll give him a chance, one can't blame him when suits at studios tell him what he can and can not do on in the movie, Hulk could have been better, i didn't have any complaints about X-men.
Marvel now has complete control over what goes up on the screen and they know they're characters better than anyone, Jon Favreau has said while he and the other writers of Iron Man are going thru the script, they brain storm with Marvel people to make sure they have the sprite of the character and the story right, so with Marvel watching over there characters, we will see better movies, Hulk should be much better, Iron Man is looking kick a$$, Avengers should be the same way.
Bottomline is that MARVEL has greenlight authority...not some outside studio. For those who listen to the CC yesterday, you walked away with a sense that Marvel isn't going to have people "interpreting" what ever they want....if you love and respect the original stuff...stick with it. Zak Penn has a clean sheet...well...not really, as Kevin Fiege made the point that the Avengers is movie number 7, and the previous movies all included "possible" members of an Avengers team...Iron Man, Hulk, Captian America, Ant Man, Nick Fury, Thor....hmmmm.

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