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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by spider-neil
I'm read joker for long long time and when I picture joker the voice I hear in my head is hamill when I see joker I see 'the killing joke' and 'the return of the joker' (B:tas feature film)

THAT to me is joker. so who tells esoteric jokes (only he unders the punchline) he is dark witty charming and deadly.

Nicholson gave a good performance but I don't think his character had depth I was think good 'Nicholson performance' rather than 'THAT's joker' you know the scene where batman/bale interrogates the dirty cop THAT was batman to a tee, bale NAILED it right there and then.

so basically Nicholson gets a 'A' for effort but doesn't quite 'get' the joker. here's hoping nolan reads the killing joke and watches the return of the joker the quintessential joke stories and ledger gives the performance of his career.

anyone else agree?
Nicholson performance wasn't Jokerish, it was Nicholsonish. Thats right, Jack just essentially played Jack.

And he's so cool that it worked. Plus, the only other performance of the Joker that people at the time knew of was Cesar Romaro, and outside of Hackman's performance as Luthor, Nicholson's performance of a villian in a Superhero movie was it.

In other words, that performance was great for its time, but wouldn't hold much weight today.

More importantly though it that the Joker we all know an love has yet to grace the silver screen and the best intepretation so far is from TAS.

THAT IS THE STANDARD. Maybe unfairly but thats it.

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