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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Let's face it, Batman (1989) was a good movie, I loved it and still think it has it's place as one of the best comic movies ever! Don't get me wrong, I have criticised Jack as the Joker somewhere else in these boards but still think that it was that film that provided the bridge between Donner's Superman and Raimi's Spiderman. I thought that Keaton gave a good performance as the Bat and took the character seriously enough (even if he was too short) and that Jack gave one of the best performances of his career as the Joker, but it wasn't the Joker or the Batman that we all want to see. In fact, Bale's Batman was great but I still don't see the Batman on screen that I love from the comics, and Nolan has borrowed from Burton's batman (the latex costume) enough that we should still respect the fact that Burton did a good job, in fact his take on the Penguin and Catwoman for Batman Returns was another masterstroke even though they never resembled our favourite comic interpretations. Let's face it, how many writers and artists have had their own take on these characters in Graphic Novels that are still really good but don't resemble the traditional look, as far as I am concerned as long as we don't get a Two Face like Tommy Lee Jones' I am happy!! In essence Jack had presence as the Joker but essentially Jack Nicholson is too big a name, and all you could see was Jack not the Joker when watching Batman (1989). I did read somewhere that apparently he thinks that his role as the Joker was his best and apparently watches it all the time!!!

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