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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

1 - Superman :The Movie
2 - Superman II
3 - Superman Returns
4 - Superman IV:The Quest For Peace
5 - Superman III

STM for a die hard fan I feel is still tops by a long shot. I do feel that for a non-fan, average Joe Blow Superman II may be a more accessable movie as its more just straight forward fun and action whereas STM has the Krypton and Smallville set up that many movie goers may not appreciate as much as a true Superman fan.

Superman Returns had some really good stuff in it but it still lacked something. I describe it as a good movie - not a great movie but one with some missed opportunities. I won't get into the kid!

I've always tried to like 3 & 4 and once a year I pop them on hoping to catch them in the right frame of mind to actually enjoy them - it hasn't happened yet unfortunately. I take IV over III just because I feeel they were trying to tell a decent story that just got screwed by the producers cheap take on the movie where as III was what it set out to be and that was plain bad comedy.

I will be very interested to see where Superman II: The Donner Cut places!

Oh and by the way - everyone has to get over the celeophane "S" from II. Its just some Kryptonian weapon, not a new power like the teleportion beam finger or mortor vision!

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