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Default Re: Iron Man 2 MKV "Suit case armor" Build 2010 Master Le :D

Originally Posted by SpiderByte View Post
I found a shot of Mark V's arm, thought that might help.

thanks for the picture! but i had to finish the armor before the 16th because of Starfest 2010.

here are some pictures from starfest. At StarFest 2010 debute of Iron man MKV armor "eyes are photo shopped to give a better idea of lighted eyes "wip"

"still tweaking things, and redoing the helmet, everything was done to the very last minute and not time for any upgrades " but will make sure there will be before May 7th 2010"

StarFest 2010 1st place Costume Contest "Best of show"

me in my Iron man MKVI, Summer BF can by and talked to me to say how badass my armors were XD lol.

Hall of armor in my room atrium.
will update on more progress once more upgrades been done to the Iron man MKV ^^

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