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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

Originally Posted by bunk View Post
Yes, they'd be killing off Nolan's version of Batman in lieu of a new actor playing him. Drastic. I never implied it would be the end of Batman on film.

You seem to have a fear of the same stories being rehashed, but also seem to want the franchise restarted every 3 movies. How do you reconcile these two wishes?
I never said I wanted the franchise restarted so quickly. If BB and TDK had been set up differently

1: to allow for the more garish, bizarre, and fantastic elements in the Nolanverse
2: so the story doesn't feel so serialized, like one long story

I wouldn't be saying any of this. The last franchise for example, if the quality hadn't dropped off so steeply they could've kept it going forever if they wanted. The movies were for the most part stand alone, and readily accepted the fantasy elements. They had all the room in the world to grow and expand, but they took it too far, like Silver Age too far

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