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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by Oberon sexton View Post
The story wasn't nonsensical, it was just a straight up revenge story that fitted in with the post-Civil War Marvel landscape where most readers generally wanted to see guys like Tony Stark and Reed Richards get their dues after all the stuff they had done across the line in months preceeding it. Should that be used as the basis for an Avengers film? No because that story is extremely specific to the continuity of the comics.

But to just dismiss an actual adaption (key word there) of Planet Hulk, the story that's considered the best in the characters 50 year history, is extremely narrow minded on Marvel's behalf.
I liked the Planet Hulk story a lot, but to call it the best in Hulk's history is a bit of a stretch. One of the really good ones, but the best? Dunno about that.

Civil War/WWH would simply not work in this MCU. At least they would have to be totally different than how it was in the comics if they attempted it in some way. Plus there are much better stories to adapt anyway.

WWH wouldn't as a movie work because it makes the Hulk the villain who is basically in the wrong and he was duped. Even if he was shot into space.

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