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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Rocanrol View Post
I practice WT since a year ago, and can affirm that a skilled practitioner is an effective fighter against single and multiple opponents.

WT/WC main technique is a chained punch. It's a straight punch aimed to the neck, with quickness and energy economy as a priority.

This MA is heavily based in a grounded stance, with a powerful balance. Nothing compromises the balances center of the practitioner. The counter-attacks are organic, fast and unforgivable (mainly using pivoting force of the muscles, using the enemies strenght against them).

Kicks are only grounded-based aiming into disrupting enemies balance, attacking joints and the pelvis, and is all applyable to the "countering" aspect of the art, welcoming incoming attacks, deflecting and attacking at the same time.
I'm not criticizing Wing Chun/Wing Tsun, however, looking at Batman comics and previous films, I don't think it lends itself well to Batman's fighting style.

In a similar way BJJ is a highly effective art, although most effective one-on-one. If you let a BJJ guy, or girl, take you to ground and don't watch out you're going to sleep or have an arm or leg broken.
Still, that doesn't make it a suitable main fighting style for Batman on the big screen -although in The Dark Knight Returns Batman does use something similar to BJJ to snap the mutant leader's leg - still, probably not the best thing for big screen Batman.

Stylistically, if you look at the comics (or the films) Batman needs to use a flowing, mobile fighting style that utilises single precision strikes (rather than multiple short range strikes) which is why I suggest that WT/WC techniques and footwork are not well suited to that approach.

I thought Nolan gave Batman some credibility by incorporating ninjitsu into his training -although in close quarters he relied on KFM.

Also, Batman is meant to be a master of many styles, so whatever he uses will be a blend of different techniques (as in ninjitsu + krav maga/CQB + BJJ + lots of other stuff). Bruce Lee started with WC and then added a heap of other styles and techniques, JKD still has lots of WC in it, and other stuff too.

Just to be cheeky, I have to ask, "If WT/WC is so effective, why don't we see it more in the UFC ?"

here's one answer :

Not sure I agree with everything in the above link, but he has some good points.

Still, while I don't think WC/WT is the right style for Batman, that doesn't make it the wrong style for anyone else.
The main thing, is if you enjoy your training and get something out of it,
you should keep doing it, so more power to you.


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