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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Rocanrol View Post

I'm sorry if it was implied that I believe that WC/WT is the superior martial art, it was not intended. Poor english vocabulary you could say, english isn't my native language. :P

I fully understand that it's "the fighter, not the martial art". But some arts have more applications irl. But it's not my intention to dismiss any form of MA.

I'm talking specifically about that martial art because i'm practicing it, and understand some basic principles of it.

But to me Batman fighting style (with the combination of all the martial arts he knows) should be based on realistic combat and personal defense. Neither exhibition nor competition, but also feel and look "flowy".

No worries, everyone takes pride in their particular style of martial arts. That's natural.

When you say realistic combat, do you think Batman should fight dirty?
I definitely think so. If it saves time for Bats to poke someone in the eye, strike someone's throat, palm-slap the ears or kick somebody in the groin, he's going to. I loved Nolan's Batman, but thought his fighting
was a little too "clean."

Batman fighting should not look like UFC, where there are rules. I think it will be a bit of a challenge to show Batman as a brutal fighter, but also a skillful one.

Who should choreograph the fights for this film ? My pick, Jeff Imada,
who did the Bourne films.

The fight between Bourne and Desh in Bourne Ultimatum, my favourite movie fist fight of all time, choreographed by Imada, back in 2007.


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