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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Looks like Jeff Imada should be on Snyder's list ( I had forgotten his
terrific work in Hannah !) .

Damon Caro did the choreography for 300 and Watchmen, and apparently had an uncredited fight/stunt role on Bourne ultimatum - interestingly he also worked on Man of Steel, so maybe he'll have a role in developing Superman's fighting style, as well as the Dark Knight's.

Either way, it would be hard to see Batman not incorporating some Kali or
other FMA into his fighting style. You guys will have to look for signature moves when the film comes out.

I do hope they keep the use of headbutts, elbows and hammer-fist from Nolan's trilogy. While not really a fast technique the hammer-fist is underused and works well as a finishing technique as well as a pre-emptive first strike at close range, or a spinning technique.

The question is, which other techniques best suit Batfleck's physique?

he's tall (probably 6'3" or 6'4" In costume) but of lean muscular build,
not really bulky, but probably still too big to pull off the agility of
Tony Jaa/Donnie Yen/Scott Adkins.


With Fleck's size, and I am assuming some even greater mass come filming time I think throws and joint locks and breaks should be a big part of his arsenal. Use some of those nasty Silat throws that aren't like Judo ones where you can see the stunt man land with a standard matt slap. Use wire and other techniques so we can see the stunt man land on his head.

I also think Batman should really be using his environment to his advantage. Show he is a master improviser. It's weird to suggest a villain as an example but "Big Bear" in Ong Bak is a good example, it's just with Batman he'd be the winner. If Batman has to pummel you with furniture to get out of a situation alive, well, THAT's what he'll do. Have Bat's slamming guys into walls and door frames or street lights, if he's at a construction site and it looks like the guy Bats is fighting out weighs him by more than 100lbs. then show Bat's is not shy about picking up a 2'x4' and start wailing on his opponent (assuming Bat's doesn't have some exotic weapon to deal with the guy on him) .

We've seen Bale do the roof top interrogation, well I'd love to see Bat's explain Aikijujutsu pressure points and the like and then put it to use on a perp.

I agree about keeping the HEK (head butts, elbows and knees) in the arsenal, just cuz they are super practical. I don't think with armor and a cape that super high above the hip kicks are practical or even all that safe to do on a movie set (or real life) but I could see some lower body Thai style kicks and the occasional Savate boxe france toe kick to the mid section.

What ever they choose above all I want it shown that Batman is incredibly adaptable at a moments notice in his fighting.

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