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Default Re: This movie is gonna have tough competition.

We are talking about a three decade span to cover with prequels. No one involved with the franchise wants to move forward. You'll hear Donner toss around the notion of X-4 and mention how it is actively on the pipeline, but there is virtually no value without Cyclops/Jean and Storm leading the school. The absolute necessity of recasting Xavier/Jackman pretty much kills any return value it may have had from the OT. I think Fox even realizes that they have failed to maximize the franchises potential and the only way to do that is to give neglected characters the on screen justice they deserve.

As far as leaping 15-20 years... a bald, wheel chair ridden McAvoy pretty much adds ten years. Just make him pale, feeble, and more wrinkly. If they wait three years, audiences will see a natural progression. FC2 is the only thing that makes sense as far as the next step considering they went forward with this.

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