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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Even though it’s already been 7 years since “The Last Stand”, I still can’t get over on how badly screwed Cyclops was from the X-Men Franchise. Before the third film was released, I was hopeful that Cyclops would receive a substantial role in the third film due to Logan’s story being somewhat concluded regarding his past in the Second film, along with how they were going with the Dark Phoenix storyline. I had no idea then on how much they would change things in the final result.

I think it makes it even worse when I watch things like X-Men: Evolution, or even Wolverine and the X-men, where Cyclops was better fleshed out and portrayed in those incarnations, even in the latter one, than he was in the live action franchise.

What ever happened to the guy that told an unconscious Xavier in the first film that he would take and look after the X-Men and everyone else in the school if something should happen to Xavier?

This is why I wanted a reboot for the X-Men franchise when First Class was announced, and especially after I saw it because if they could give Alex Summers in that film a good enough role then imagine what they could have done with Scott, especially in a Wolverine Free team.

Honestly, I don’t hate Wolverine. I really like the character, mainly due to how Hugh Jackman portrays him. But I don’t like how Scott had to be the scapegoat in order for Wolverine to shine. Cyclops lost his role in the team, his overall significance, and even his woman, to Wolverine.

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