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Default Re: The box office "bar of success" for Batman/ Superman.

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Take the average of an MOS sequel and a Batman reboot.

That's what BvS will make. It's not a Justice League movie.
Because this is a MOS sequel and/or a Batman reboot?

Surely you can see the difference between a high profile sequel and a high profile cross over(very rare) event. For example, as modest as Spidey and Wolverine box office are these days. If next year saw a crossover between the wouldn't yield an 'average of such and such/such and such sequel'. It would be a high profile crossover between two of the biggest characters in comics/cinema today. In short, I don't think you are looking at it right.
If the Xmen showed up in the Hobbit...cross over event.

That being said there is no accounting for a wolverine reboot in that scenario, and this is def a new batman. All I can say is Bale did little to own his role as Jackman has(unlike bat's there has only ever been Hugh). Moreover Ben seems like a more bankable box office persona than Bale imo.

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