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Default Re: 100% Achievement Completions

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
I guess the first 100% isn't a gateway drug for everyone.

I got into achievement whoring because of Halo 3. Before all of the DLC came out, if you got 1000 GS you unlocked an awesome helmet & Katana for your Spartan. So I did it & then I became hooked.
Haha deff not. I couldnt care less about em most of the time. If i can't get them all in just my standard playthroughs of a game, i generally dont go out of my way to try. A lot of times i find it dilutes the experience. You end up playing the same section over and over again and it becomes boring. I feel like its the same as watching the same section of a movie over and over. But i typically approach games the same way i approach a movie. Im in it for the story. Every time i sit down to play an Uncharted or a Halo, i play it to experience the story. No matter how many times iv seen the cutscenes i dont skip them.

I do love the little notification that pops up when ya unlock one tho. I also hate it when you think you have unlocked an achievement but its just your stupid friends signing on.

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