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Default Re: Villains we need to see in this Batman solo franchise

Originally Posted by Boom View Post
I kind of have my doubts that Reeves will choose a "high fantasy" concept villain, as well.

I don't think he'll push verisimilitude quite as hard as Nolan did, but by the same token I expect his take on Batman will be more grounded than what we've seen in the DCEU.
For me, I think the thing is that Reeves is probably going to go after the more "personal" villains in Batman's gallery. It's just a reflection of how he seems to generally work as a director and his sensibilities for storytelling. And the issue is that most of the "personal" villains in the Bat-Rogue Gallery aren't very "high fantasy."

It's the difference between a villain like Two-Face or Hush and a villain like Solomon Grundy or Killer Croc. There's stuff about the latter villains that certainly leave their mark and make you remember them, but they don't have the same sort of emotional pull needed to be a film's main antagonist, while the former two do.

It's why I'm thinking Reeves is bound to look at Red Hood and probably villains like Hush or the Court of Owls.

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