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Default Re: Thor's box office competition

Originally Posted by Still A ThorFan View Post
May 13th Priest comes out, that's nothing to worry about, Thor will still be in first place, but on the 20th POTC comes out which will bump Thor to 2nd.

June 3rd X Men first class comes out, I don't think that will bother POTC at all, and maybe Thor might still be in 2nd place with X-Men coming in at 3rd.

I understand Iron Man 2 made over one hundred million in its opening weekend. I wonder how Thor is going to do.

If any Marvel film is going to have a problem its Captain America. Already there is a negative buzz about it because of Joe Johnson and some of the set pics, I mean from what I've read on message boards and just talking with other fans, on top of the fact that stupid Transformers 3, Harry Potter, and Cowboys and Aliens comes out that month.

TF: 7/1
HP: 7/15
CA: 7/22
CBA: 7/29
So Thor will still make more than First class opening weekend even after 4 weeks out lol is this a joke .I love it when people underestimate First class

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