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Default Re: Thor's box office competition - Part 1

Thor might, just might beat Priest this weekend. But, do not discount the film Bridesmaids. It's getting massively great reviews. It's a counter film to Thor and Priest. It's going to be a tight, tight weekend between those three films.

I see Thor settling in at around 175-190 million domestically. Internationally and home video sales is where Thor's going to make its money. It's already passed the Incredible Hulk's worldwide gross, so you know Marvel's happy. A sequel is pretty much guaranteed for a release in 2014 now.

And yeah, don't underestimate X-Men First Class. It might just be the most critically praised comic book film this year. It has the hurdle of following up two pretty terrible X-Men films. I think it'll follow the same path as Batman Begins....great legs.