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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
You can certainly make the case that SR could have been improved if Lex had been shown making advanced weapons and machines from the remaining crystals. (Just a small demonstration would have been sufficient.) Fair call. But it was quite clear from earlier dialogue that the crystals had this capability and that using them in this manner was very much part of Lex’s plan. It was also clear that Lex was simply waiting for NK to complete its formation – whereupon it would wipe out 4/5ths of the US and devastate may other countries too (as depicted in Lex’s map). So the military response that you speak of would be virtually non-existent.

4. It made Superman unlikeable. He was depressed, lonely and kind of sulking for half the movie. He had no natural warmth... he came across very ALIEN in every sense of the word... and yet there was no effort to show his human side (other than the one drink he had with Jimmy, which is probably my favourite scene)... to show him eating his mom's home cooked food, to show him in his apartment doing normal things, sleeping, getting ready for work, laughing at a tv show he hasn't seen in 5 years... any of those things, just to ground him as the main character.
They showed both sides of him well enough, imo; even though he had these amazing powers, he also had needs/feelings/desires like the rest of us humans beings. Did you see how sad he felt when Lois said she didn't love him? That's human. Or how happy he was when he realized he had a son? And he seemed very warm to me when he rescued Kitty and smiled back at her. Also when he asked Lois to 'please' come with him during the rooftop interview.

This is cinema. If you want to see Clark going to the bathroom, well you can watch Lois&Clark. That's what they do on a tv budget.

I rather watch Sci-Fi
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