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Default Re: Nuclear Weapons: The Elephant in the Room

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
That's definitely plausible.

Ironically, MAD has really left the world complacent. People are still thinking in Cold War terms. "They won't fire, because they know we will fire back". But the game has changed.

If there is a small scale nuclear war (Israel and Iran, for example), that could easily escalate. And even in the best case scenario, where it doesn't turn into a global conflict that sets a very disturbing precedent. Imagine a world in which nuclear war isn't unusual.
If it happens once it can happen again. Even letting it happen once on a small scale is a precedent no one wants to set. It would also royally **** up world economics and trade relations which could in the long run cause just as much damage as a nuclear blast would cause in the immediate.

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