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Default Re: Villains of Future Ant-Man Movies

Originally Posted by Muze View Post
I wish people would stop calling him Egghead. he sounds less goofy when you call him Elias Starr. the government arrested him for selling military secrets. they gave him that name as an insult (sort of like how the Penguin got his name). he's really only as lame as the performance. that said, I wouldn't use him simply because Darren Cross already appeared as a bald evil science guy. M.O.D.O.K or bust. plus, Monica Rappaccini should definitely be in on that action. she could give Hope (or any of them really) a decent fight. plus she's a good way to introduce the new A.I.M; 100% more genocidal.
MODOK is more of a general Avengers villain. When Phase 4 comes around, Marvel won't have Kang. MODOK will be the biggest name out there and I really feel that such a big villain needs to be used in an ensemble film.

I'm all for Egghead as the big bad and either Whirlwind or Beetle as the heavy so we can get some interesting set pieces. We can't just have a mastermind. We need a villain who can be a physical threat.

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