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Default Re: Villains of Future Ant-Man Movies

Originally Posted by Muze View Post
huh? he first paired up with Masked Marauder. he worked for the Maggia. then he became one of the Emissaries of Evil; alongside stiltman and matador. he also paired with death-stalker; another daredevil villain. he has worked with Madame Masque for a story. but he hasn't tangled with Iron Man enough to qualify as one of his rogues, imo.

^there's a good summary of his appearances at that link. he was in like 2 issues of Iron Man. the rest of them were Daredevil appearances.
I didn't say he was an Iron Man villain over being a DD villain. I just said that he was an early Iron Man villain, that's all. I regard Gladiator primarily as a DD rogue.

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