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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
I'd rather have whatever number of villains necessary to serve the story.
To serve an Aquaman story: no
To serve YOUR story: yes.
You have already made up your mind about having the two most well-known villians and then form a story based on that. You kind of force them in, rather than thinking if both of them actually are necessary in a live action adaption for all Aquaman fans and not only a film for yourself.
Originally Posted by KingMadness View Post
In my opinion, Aquaman the character doesn't need a make over, it's his powers and suit that need an extreme makeover. Currently, he is lame. Talk to fish, swim fast, make tridents out of water, orange and green ridiculous colors.
His suit isn't more ridiculous than Captain America's. And THAT one has worked well in TWO films.
Originally Posted by KingMadness View Post
Aquamans suit colors should be waaaaaay darker in tone. Get rid of the scales, add light armor to torso and pants. So now he looks like an actual king and not a male rent-a-stripper.
Armor? Do you want to Batman-ize him?

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