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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

By this stage I'm sure there's nothing new which can be added to the subject of SR, but I watched it a few days ago, and damn Superman's board is moving slow as hell (a 6 year film drought will do that) so here's my take on it.

It wasn't a bad film. It wasn't a great film. It falls somewhere in-between, which is why SR isn't remembered as being bad, its actually barely remembered at all by the general audience. As a superhero film featuring the oldest and perhaps best known hero of them all it should have made huge splashes, instead it fell by the wayside.

I watched the dvd extra's and it made me like Routh even more, I think he could have been great - the role just gave him sweet FA to do. Much like people complain about there not being enough Batman/Bruce Wayne in TDKR, SR is what happens when the first Superman film in 20 years comes along, and he barely gets to say anything. Way too much attention is taken off Superman and Clark by prolonged scenes with Lex and his henchmen, or Lois and Richard, or the child. And then when we finally do get to a scene with Clark in, they're short and totally lacking in dialogue. Routh had no time to really own the role on screen. Also the script is clever and neat at times, before switching to scenes which un-do all the good stuff.

And as for the lack of action complaint, Steve argues in 'Whats so bad about SR?' that there is plenty of action, pointing out Supe's using his heat vision to melt the glass, frost breath to put out fires during the Metropolis earth quake bit etc. I would say okay, then there is a lack of exciting action. The plane rescue was great. Each time it gives me goosebumps. But it highlights how dull everything else is he does after that. Putting out fire with frost breath is just not up to scratch after a scene like that. Catching the Daily Planet globe is cool, but only if he then goes on to more visually exciting set pieces. Lifting up another object, albeit a far heavier one, is not up-ing the ante much.

The film has bad elements, but it's not a bad film because it has some really good elements too. In the end it equals out, and becomes a film everyone else has forgotten about, except us bigger Superman fans who can only de-construct what happened and wish things could have been done differently. That is, until MoS. If this new film turns out as great as were hoping it will be (after all, surely mistake have been learnt by now) then we will have to thank SR for part of it, and perhaps the Superman drought of the 00's would have been worth it.

PS. I ****ing hate the plastic S

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