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Default Re: Popularity is measured by 1st film of trilogy = MOS the most popular hero in USA

Originally Posted by MANOFSTEELtrilogy View Post
Domestic Box Office-
1. Man Of Steel $287.2M
2. The Amazing Spider-Man $262.0M
3. Batman Begins $206.0M
4. The Incredible Hulk $134.8M

In order to measure the popularity of a hero you must measure popularity by the origin film of a trilogy, because the sequel's popularity is based on the creative intrigue of the origin film rather than the character itself. The origin film's popularity is based entirely on the character's popularity from a standing start. Hence Man Of Steel (Superman) is the most popular hero ever in the United States.
You forgot to take in account a couple of other things.

1) Some of those films, such as Batman Begins which came out 8 years ago, have to be adjusted for inflation.

2) The origin film's popularity is not entirely based on the character's popularity. The success of the first film in a reboot is always partially determined by the poor quality of the previous film in the previous franchise that caused the reboot to happen in the first case. Superman Returns was nowhere as bad as Batman & Robin was, which completely killed CBM's on the big screen for a while, and thus MOS had that advantage over BB.

3) The gap between the reboot and the previous franchise can also play a factor. TASM received a lot of hate in comparison with BB and MOS because people thought it came out too soon.

4) The time of release is also a factor and competition at the box office varies based on that. TASM would have done a bit more had it not come out the same summer as TDKR and The Avengers, which were both event films that have been hyped up for a long time in already successful films while TASM was just a reboot and origin story.

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