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Default Re: Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Hahahaha--fun thread, elizah72!
hee hee--it does! I wonder if that's true to Kirby's design lol
Every time I see it I'm just like, I wanna touch its butt! But that's probably a very very BAD idea! lol

Maybe Loki didn't completely change.

Maybe the Frost Giants shave their own heads.
Could be, though I would have thought he would have when he attacked Heimdall since he was in contact with the Casket the longest there. Also, if the Frost giants shave their heads apparently they pluck their eyebrows down to nothing as well. LOL The hair on Loki's eyebrows seem to stay there when he changes in those instances. just one of those mysteries I guess...

So does anyone else think the Nine Realms that Jane has drawn in her notebook, around which Thor draws Yggdrasil, look like hamburgers? "My father explained it to me like this, that your world is one of the Nine Hamburgers of the Cosmos." (Haven't found some stills to do a "caption this!" for it)
I can't find that image at the moment, but maybe I'll have an excuse to look at Thor again tonight. LOL here is another image though, which I like...

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