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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
My girl friends said cavill isn't as good looking as brandon as superman. They have no comment on the trailer.
Myself and every single other female I know who has given their opinion on the subject disagree...

Henry Cavill is almost unquestionably attractive IMO. I mean, even if he's not your type or something, you recognise he's a good looking man.

I've shown his pic to so many people in the couple of years since he was cast, and no one has EVER said anything but 'Okay, yeah, he's hot'

Originally Posted by FVD View Post
When I went to see the Hobbit in HFR the first night they played the latest MoS trailer. Person next to me was surprised to see Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe in their shots but said nothing else.
Yeah I had that from a couple of my friends too. But it's a good thing. People go 'Oh, is that Kevin Costner/Russel Crowe' and for some reason it makes them start thinking 'Well if they are in it, I might be a bit curious about this now'.

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