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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
a) Neither BB nor Dexter belong to genres where miracles, magic, and science fiction are a part of the everyday process. So yeah, people would definitely balk at "I'm not *really* dead....I got better" moments in those shows. Marvel belongs to the superhero genre, where resurrection is as common as farts at a chili cook-off. Anybody who's miffed or mystified or mixed up by somebody coming back from the dead in a comic book or comic-book movie universe really knows nothing about the genre at all.

b) As The Question keeps pointing out: Coulson is the *only* resurrection in the MCU so far. And it's being treated with great gravity, mystery, and weight. And it might not even turn out to be an actual resurrection at all, but something else.

So don't freak out. Again, nobody's handing out "get out of death free" cards anywhere, nor will audiences perceive it that way.
A) None of that matters from a storytelling aspect. It still cheapens the death. The fact that it happens in comic books isn't because it's a great storytelling technique, it's because comic fans refuse to let anyone we love in comic books die. Editors are hamstrung by this, so we get retcons and false deaths and all sorts of doofy stuff. And just for the record, I put the faking death thing in there to head off anyone saying BB and Dexter weren't fantasy stories. Guess I didn't make that point clear.

B) Again, it doesn't matter that it's the "ONLY" resurrection so far. It only matters that they did it, and I don't like that they did it for reasons I've already explained.

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