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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I think Baker would rule as GA. Dane seems like a solid choice for Aquaman, given that the studio would skew a bit younger regardless of what we think. In fact, I like all of Lobo's choices for the actors. I'd say put in Kevin Grevioux as Black Manta, working for Ocean Master as his hired muscle, too.

For the movie itself, I think it should have an emphasis on the fact that Aquaman is a king rather than just an average superhero. Forget the surface for the first film until the end, when it's revealed that Ocean Master was working with some land-lubber business tycoons to take over Atlantis so they could exploit its natural resources, which would set up some surface action for the next movie. The water hand should be included--maybe they could tell the story of how he gets it in the movie as the main plot. I don't think anyone would mind if they subbed Ocean Master or Black Manta in for Charybdis as the guy who costs Aquaman his hand, since Charybdis is kind of a nobody villain with only one cool thing to his name. Also, Aquaman's "talking to fish" power should be presented as the command of ocean life that it is in the comics--have him supplement the Atlantean armada with a giant fleet of killer whales, dolphins, sharks, etc. Don't have him sitting around conversing with fish about how exciting the 7 seconds of their lives they're aware of at any given time is. Present Orin as an action hero and a noble king instead of the punchline of every Superfriends joke.

Above all else, the Atlanteans must ride sharks or, at the very least, dolphins. No bloody seahorses!

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