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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

I've always liked the idea of Gerard Butler for Aquaman. For Orm, I think the dude Lobo picked is real good, but Sean Bean could play off with Gerard to make a good Ocean Master.

Personally, looking at Lobo's idea, I'd like to include Triton and Poseidon in that story, and have them be the real villains. They'd use Orm to weaken Atlantis' defenses and infrastructure, so that they can sweep it clean and rebuild. Think of it as they want to destroy the entire civilization for their lack of faith in the Greek Sea Gods.

You can have Orin defeat Triton at the end after he discovers Orm is but a puppet, or you can have Orin kill Triton, and fight Poseidon at the end and towards the end of the fight, Poseidon comes to reason and sees before him a true Sea King.

At the end of the film, you can have scientists in some sort of mini sub or using some sort of oceanic device to discover Atlantis, which would bring the existence of Atlantis to be known to the surface world (maybe for all these years, it was blanketed by a magical bubble and when Orin defeats Triton/Poseidon, Poseidon lifts the bubble. Sort of like a "you want to be the SEA King? have fun with that") for a second film. Then, you can toss in Black Manta to be the dominant villain of the second film, and have Ocean Master come back to show their rivalry.

Then for a third film, you can have Kordax resurface after all these thousands of years, and to expose more of the cool Aquavillains have Kordax summon Devilfish (an ancient warrior bred to protect Atlantis and decides to serve Kordax who he believes to be the true heir to the throne) from his slumber to really shake things up. The Incredible Hulk movie, while I'm not a HUGE Hulk fan, did something incredibly important: they put the hero up against one tough dude. With these metahuman superheroes, you gotta show that they can do some serious damage.

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Aquaman can only be whole when he loses that hand again and reclaims the super-awesome water hand. It's one of comics' great paradoxes.

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