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Default Re: Should we see the ghost of Hayden Christensen

Originally Posted by souperman View Post
45+- is old!!! Vader was just hitting his prime...

granted he looked way too old. Bad choice of casting and makeup imo for the original reveal. Looked like he was wearing a hat! They can glue arms and legs on you in that Galaxy far far away, but they don't have any plastic surgeons? I know, Sith don't care about such things as closing a wound properly.
Not to start an OT debate, but let me play devil's advocate: Why would a being "more machine than man, twisted and evil" care about plastic surgery or scars? The way I see it, once Vader lost everything: his beloved, his children (he thought), his arms, legs, face and humanity, everything about Anakin no longer mattered to him. The parts of him that were still flesh, like his face, were as inconsequential to him as the old milk in your fridge that you still haven't thrown out yet.

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