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Default Re: Should we see the ghost of Hayden Christensen

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
I'm in the boat where Anakine came back when Luke unmasked him. I think that's the complete circle so it's fitting to see poor Sebastian Shaw at the end as a Force ghost. Personally it's meaningful.

By putting Hayden there, I 'get' the argument but I just don't buy it. It seems like a contrived way to connect the OT to the PT even more. It's an arbitrary change.

What's even more, some of the changes that were made were crazy weird (besides the CG enhancements, some that I liked.). Like in 'Empire', Lucas added new scenes of Vader ACTUALLY leaving cloud city and arriving at the Super Stardestroyer (which is a different take of the opening shot in 'Jedi') after his duel with Luke. Why?

It didn't do anything for the movie, and it ruined the pacing. We KNEW Vader was going back to his ship already, so.. why show it? We're not dumb and it's self explanatory. My point is that, this particular new scene wasn't a change that Lucas has been waiting for decades to do. It was just arbitrary.
Replacing the line "Bring my shuttle" with "Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival" baffles me in every which way that is imaginable to the point where I hate it more than any other change to the OT.

Also... No no no to Hayden's ghost. The argument that the 'good' Anakin Skywalker died while he had the long haired, fallen angel appearance of ROTS should be negated by that fact that prior to his ROTS look he killed a bunch of "women and children" Sand People out of hatred and anger in AOTC... If we were going to go back to the time when Anakin was entirely innocent and without corruption he would still have his Padawan braid.

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