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Default Re: Should we see the ghost of Hayden Christensen

Originally Posted by TinkerTailor View Post
Replacing the line "Bring my shuttle" with "Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival" baffles me in every which way that is imaginable to the point where I hate it more than any other change to the OT.

Also... No no no to Hayden's ghost. The argument that the 'good' Anakin Skywalker died while he had the long haired, fallen angel appearance of ROTS should be negated by that fact that prior to his ROTS look he killed a bunch of "women and children" Sand People out of hatred and anger in AOTC... If we were going to go back to the time when Anakin was entirely innocent and without corruption he would still have his Padawan braid.
Yeah the change to 'alert my shuttle' sends the message home. The new change does nothing for the film and ruins the editing along with pacing. It's such a weird change.

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