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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - P

A report at the claims that the budget for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie is $131 million.
  • Michelle Grinnell, public relations manager for the Michigan Film Office, says this is exciting for the state's film industry to have the likes of Henry Cavill come to work here: "It's the film where Batman and Superman meet for the first time on the Big Screen."
    Grinnell says this is the largest production to be filmed in Michigan to date, with a budget of $131 million. The previous record belonged to Oz: The Great And Powerful, which was filmed in the state in 2011.
    Compared to Oz, Batman vs. Superman will not only use the studio, but will actually shoot on location bringing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck out and about to the delight of fans.
Speaking of the fans, if you live in the area and have some film experience, you should keep an eye on the Michigan Film Office website for any possible behind-the-scenes jobs or on camera opportunities to work on the movie.

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