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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

After watching TDKR earlier(I tried to continue my CBM break, but I'm sick, so I needed to watch something uplifting), I really would only change these about TDKR(much shorter than my previous list):

- I would have a scene after Batman's return where the mayor is calming down the people of Gotham during a press conference where he promises the people that the GCPD will take down the murderous Batman, and while not showing the actual press conference, I think it would simply fit in with Gordon and Foley watching it on TV right before Blake comes in talking about finding Daggett's body in a dumpster. And it could be quick enough that it would still fit in the 165 minutes IMAX running time(since the film from beginning to very end, including credits, still had 33 seconds to spare).

- I would still bring back Coleman Reese, and an idea would be him being shown during the first Wayne Enterprises board meeting, and then he's shown again while Bane takes the board hostage and tries to be heroic but his reward is only a snapped neck and again, could fit within the 165 mins. run time.

And thinking about the trilogy overall, I now only think these two should be changed for BB/TDK:

- Have a different actress playing Rachel Dawes for both films. Imagine Kate Beckinsale in that role

- I would give Crane a different send-off in BB. A taser to the face...a taser being held by Katie Holmes...tragic.

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