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Default Re: Lack of Action? Iron Man 2 over again?

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Apparently you do? You've posted twice in this thread...
Just doing a little harmless trolling to the obvious troll article. Sue me, I'm bored and got a laugh out of it.

Originally Posted by FreedomFreeLife View Post
You care. You also told that Iron Man 2 had also so much awesome action before.

Again... i get it that people are fan of something, but open your eyes.
How people can live in blind world and ignore all the facts and things?

Its like Stalin killed 7 million people in Ukraina, but in your view, Stalin did not kill anyone.

Looks like they all going to hype this movie, and when it comes out, then it will be most disappointing movie of 2013.
This is not going to be another the avenger.

I canĀ“t wait till movie comes out and people will be so disappointed. Just mark my words.

I also want this movie to turn out good, but if this not, then its not. Then i have to live with that, not close my eyes and ignore it.
uhmm... I literally have no idea where that bolded part comes from. I don't think I've ever even talked about IM2 on these boards. And to address the rest there's no way of telling IM3 will be a flop. Unless you have a time machine or can see the future it's impossible. Also it's the first Marvel movie following Avengers which if you don't recall was HUGE... so I can assume with a fair amount of accuracy that this will also be a financial success. Anyways for sure done flaming with you here.. way to ruin all the fun

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