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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion)

Originally Posted by Mulholland '49 View Post
Singer already explained DOFP is not meant to be a direct sequel to First Class many times.
Yeah, but it's still a follow up to the characters in FC. Not saying ditching them will ruin the movie, just don't wanna see them replaced with a new group that will also only get one movie and zero screen time. Replacing one C list character with another isn't really the way to go imo. I'd rather they stick with the team they had. At least they have already had some development.

TBH I have more of a problem ditching Havok and Emma. They are pretty important character's to the X Men Universe, and if their roles in FC is all this franchise and Singer had planned for them then that sucks. They are worthy of more.

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