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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I see where you're coming from with the Hank Pym/Ultron comparison but I think a BP/Wakanda situation would be different. The Pym/Ultron thing doesn't make sense on a whole other level in the MCU because you'd be bringing in a character who's not an Avenger to make a villain that's supposed to come from within the Avengers, it's counterintuitive to the point of Ultron. With BP/Wakanda, it would be like a globe hopping adventure to a foreign land, and because Black Panther is so tied to Wakandan culture, he'd flow naturally as an element within the story without it feeling forced.
Agreed, Wakanda could very easily be a stop in a larger story, and Black Panther could appear in some limited fashion, but it's a character with a lot of elements, and so introducing them all without dramatically depowering/limiting them, and then giving all those things value leads to the character dominating what should be a teamup movie. Or you could play him as a mysterious character, whose abilities and motivations aren't expected to be explained, in which case he's best served by limited screentime. He's just a bad character to introduce in a team up movie because he's not just a king of a cool country Wakanda, which demands a few explanations itself, but Black Panther's a master tactician and martial artist with superhuman physicality, senses and agility, and a host of weapons all made with a special unique metal with unique properties (ableit, that part actually plays into the storyline), including unprecedented electronics and vehicles and he has an attitude of regality and a certain type of arrogance that the audience is supposed to respect and empathize with instead of look at him as a spoiled brat who has it easy. Or you could remove some of those things and have sort of a limited short form Panther, that could work, but I wouldn't prefer that.

T'Challa is just a bad character to introduce in Avengers. There's too much going on, even if you get the character on site, making the character what he is at the same of ingratiating him with the audience takes time, time that an Avengers film just can't afford.

Avengers was great though. :/

I just don't see it as a problem. I'm black and I don't even care how many black people they have in it.
And there are white people who do care. And black people who care that there are no Asians or Latinos on the team, and all manner of race caring/not caring combos. The point is, something small, when done well, can become incredibly awesome, especially in art. It not being a "problem" sounds like a kind of 'good enough' attitude that prevents improvement.

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