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Default Re: HOT!!! New Interview w/ Bryan Singer! (August 20th)

i gotta say; this screams just all kinds of wrong. singer is doing to xmen what he did to superman. both franchises were in similar positions when bryan singer came on. superman had a beloved franchise in 1 and 2 and he chose to forget about three and 4 and then made a semi sequel to the first two. now with x men, the first two were loved (for the most part) but the third and the first prequel were not well received. so what does he do? make a semi prequel. lol. then he does the little things like make havok, scott's younger brother in the comics, now his older brother or even have them as no relation. it just seems kind of silly to me. he's not a comic book fan, i get it; but he knows these movies should cater to comic book fans as well as the general audience. it's something so small but to make havok the older brother, is just kind of an odd choice. why not make the movie take place in the seventies and build from there? have the first half of the movie with charles and erik meeting and then the second half is the build up with the team. or something to that effect. plus at the end of xmen origins wolverine, professor x was still walking. plus at the beginning of x3, he was still walking. the time frames just don't mesh well with that aspect. if it's going to be a fresh start, i don't see why they can't just make it a fresh start instead of all the baggage. if it is a fresh start, then they should be a little more faithful to the source. i love superman returns, but i'm a huge huge huge superman fan, so i knew what to expect and what was going on. i'm a fan of xmen, but i find it kind of odd to keep picking and choosing what aspects these creators like. emma was a teenager in x origins wolverine, or 20 ( i don't really know lol) and now she's going to be january jones? sorry for the rant, but while i'm not a huge xmen fan, i have all the movies and do enjoy the characters and i feel that this movie is just one rushed job. the movie doesn't have much time for post production if they're starting on monday. figure a four/five month shoot which will bring you to what dec/jan? that's only a few months in post production/reshoot. (

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