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Default Re: HOT!!! New Interview w/ Bryan Singer! (August 20th)

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
Love all these ideas. I love the fact it's in the 60's and has an international James Bond feel to it. This is the first comic book film to do that and that's awesome.

I can do without Scott and Jean I guess. Let's just hope for sequels.
They had to know that cutting Jean and Scott would cut the fan base. I really didn't see it coming at all. This means that Kelsey's Beast was almost 60 years old in X3... I can see that. I'm also glad that Diamond-Girl in Wolverine wasn't really Emma Frost. I HATE that secondary mutation crap. Also, Havok is going to be considerably older than his comic book big brother Cyclops. I can live with that change as well.

You think they'll finish First Class by having Scott, Jean and Storm first arriving at the school to set up what would be a cool sequel? Maybe from behind or by name so they don't have to cast the parts? If that's the case, I'm fully on board. I have faith in Singer.

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