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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by bigdaddy313 View Post
Well the shows did well even though, none of them reached a million views like other shows from cartoon network and Nickelodeon.

Lets see if avengers assemble passes a million mark. I want them to be in the same league of viewership like young justice, legend of korra and teenage mutant ninja turtles that all reached the 3 million mark. I believe Marvel is very powerful enough to reach those heights.

So I am guessing total viewership of Ultimate Spider-man is 698,000 while Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes is 847,000
Unfortunately that won't happen. Disney XD is not in as many homes as Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network so their viewership will never be as high. If they put these shows on Disney Channel that could change.

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