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Default Re: The Sentinels - Part 1

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
And why Magneto controled the past ones? then Magneto can control the future ones?
They are mainly made of plastic, but they have electronic parts:
I started coming up with ideas that were a little wacky and a little out there and Bryan said, 'John...It has to be the Sentinels. We went back through history to when Bolivar Trask introduced them in 1965. They started with the Mark I and went through so many variants, but what we found is they all had some similarities.

The main thing was, they were all humanoid. They all had a head, arms and legs, and that was something that was very important for Bryan to keep. And they were also purple. We thoughts how fantastic the purple colouring was, it was just great and unusual and exciting. That was just part of the inspiration for their look. In the 70s there was so much great design, but something that was particularly strong in the era was beautiful industrial design, which was very clean, very rounded, using a lot of plastic, a lot of smoked Plexiglas.

The electronics within the head give the impression of a face when they activate and move," Myhre adds. "So while it doesn't literally have a nose, eyes and a mouth, when you see it moving and the mechanics flittering around beneath that tinted plastic, you definitely get the impression of a face. Which just makes it more horrifying
About the future ones, I have no idea if Magneto can control them, I guess he can, but he might not have fully recovered his powers. He is also old.
And they are supposed to have magnetic shields too:

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