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Default Re: Ever Have Weird People Knock On Your Door Late At Night?

Originally Posted by kakashi View Post
i used to work the nighshifts.Back then, my sister used to wake me when it's time to get ready for work.She does this by knocking on my bedroom door.

One particular night, i was so damn tired, i heard her knocking at the door the frst time, but drifted back to sleep.Then i heard the knocking the second time. Much harder. got angry, threw something at the door and probably called her a ****** too

Sat on the edge of my bed...and few seconds later realized that she went on vacation a couple of days earlier...and there was no one else in the house but me.

Needles to say, i was wide awake after that and got out of the house pretty quick hehe

Hehe - I understand English isn't your strong point (being a second language and all), and personally I think it's best not to take the insensitive comments of others personally.

It's all good

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